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about MSES

MSES is a business and technology consulting firm. We deliver innovative and effective business solutions to companies through an integrated process of consultancy services; management consulting and system development mutually and thoroughly planned and implemented.

corporate management

MSES believes that it is our mission to assist clients on reestablishing their solid foundation in business and accomplish rapid progress.
Working closely together with the client's management team, we not only propose business strategies, but also take part in its execution with commitment.
Risk management is one of the key word leading to successful business. Our experienced consultants clarify and remove negative factors, which suppress the profit of the enterprise, and results as enhanced performance and generated profitable revenue growth.
We assist clients achieve the new stage of the enterprise through planning strategies for M&A, IPO or Market Entry. Our research skills and an intimate knowledge of the industry have been able to help realize successful M&A or rapid IPO. For Japan Market Entry, our consultants help launch Japanese operations and build the long-term operational success of the company.

intellectual property management

MSES work in many industries with invention management, technology transfer, commercialization and licensing. Our experience on intellectual property and marketing enables us to offer clients a complete range of solutions for commercial optimization of their technology portfolios. We have been offering our clients concrete strategies and planning such as licensing, OEM manufacturing, etc. locally and globally.
We have particularly strong experience in high-tech manufacturing. Chairman Takase is among the first to achieve computer software legal protection in Japan, which became a driving force of the amendment of the law regarding the computer software.

information technology

MSES have assisted many companies achieve dramatic progress through an information strategy and development of innovative information system. Our unique approach to the systems designing enables our clients to realize the computer system, which contributes to effective management and progress of the enterprise.
We establish strong relationship with the client and form a task team within client's company. Consultants of MSES have good knowledge of both business and technology, resulting an accurate understanding of requests and an accurate business analyzing. And working closely with specialists of various technologies, we propose effective and innovative system in compliance with the most effective business process. For each individual client companies, MSES develops an original applications with cutting-edge technologies that meet their business objectives. Thus we are able to offer systems integration and development in a short period with a quality assurance.
Furthermore, we have been aggressively developing and adopting new technologies. MSES was among the first to develop license management application for software programs. Now along with eCommerce, we are offering network service via satellite and remote maintenance service.

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our cross-industry expertise:

Financial Services
Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products
Food & Beverage
Health Care
Information Technology
Entertainment & Media
Pulp & Paper

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Kazuhiro Takase
Takase is Chairman and the founder of MSES Corp. With more than two decades of rich experience in business consulting, he has contributed many companies with corporate management, risk management, marketing, planning strategy for M&A, intellectual property management and information management. Working closely with top management of the enterprise, he has been providing strategic planning to companies planning initial public offerings as well. His unique style of business has brought much success to variety of industries.Takase has particularly strong expertise on legal protections of computer software programs and their business-profit protections. He won the case, which set the first precedent outside United States for protection of computer programs under copyright law and Unfair Competition Prevention Regulations. This suggested Japanese society the importance of protecting intellectual rights of an enterprise and made clear that the responsibility lies in business world. He is now expanding the worldwide license business of products or intellectual property with companies in or outside Japan.

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